5 Tips to Increase Productivity When Working on a Computer

In businesses, increasing productivity may require investing on technology that will automate simple, repetitive processes. Automation requires commitment, numerous trials and errors, and in most cases, financial investment on an automation tool.

But aiming to increase personal productivity when working is a totally different story. Increasing productivity when working on a computer initially requires improvement of skills, a little organizing, some software, and equipment that will benefit your work process.

Being more efficient when working on a computer is not complicated to accomplish. In this article, we have provided five computer productivity tips that will surely help you accomplish more.

Increase Productivity When Working on a Computer

1. Use shortcuts and get better at typing.

Basically, you have 2 ways to communicate with your computer – via keyboard and mouse. Hence, to improve desktop productivity, you should learn how to efficiently use your keyboard and mouse. And that is by using shortcuts.

Use keyboard shortcuts when working to lessen mouse clicks and hand movements to save time along the way. Although it sounds so simple, it can improve your speed in accomplishing tasks that involve switching from window to window (Alt + Tab), copying and pasting (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V), saving a document (Ctrl + S), and other more complicated tasks on any program you are using.

Shortcuts like these allow you to accelerate repeating actions which in turn saves time when accumulated throughout your work session.

You do not necessarily have to learn every keyboard shortcut there is, but it will help to at least know some of the frequently used shortcuts in your workflow. And while you’re at it, practice typing faster to lessen the time you need when typing – especially if you’re a writer.

2. Clean your desktop

Searching for something in an organized room is easier than searching in a cluttered space. This also applies to your desktop. The key to a productive use of computer is in knowing where everything is located. Organize your files using folders and tuck them away from your desktop if possible.

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3. Use a second display if necessary.

A multi-monitor setup, when utilized properly, can significantly increase productivity when working on a computer. You should consider installing a second or even a third display to your computer under the following circumstances:

  1. Working on a task that can be easily accomplished if used with a second screen such as video-editing.
  2. Frequently switching from one window to another: like researching and editing documents while referencing on another document.
  3. Running several programs at the same time.

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4. Identify and eliminate distractions

Perhaps the most important factor of your workflow is not even your computer. It is your focus. You need to focus if you want to increase your productivity when working, be it on a computer or on other things. Without it, any effort to streamline your work process to save time is useless.

Focusing is difficult, especially if you are working from home. Nevertheless, you can force your mind to do it. The first thing that you should do is to eliminate distractions in your surroundings, and the distracting apps installed in your computer.

You can also use a different device for work and for leisure. For example, use your laptop or desktop exclusively for work, and your phone exclusively for leisure. If you are working, keep your phone away. And when it is time for a little rest, close your laptop, and use your phone.

5. Utilize cloud apps and cloud storage

Cloud-based apps such as Microsoft 365 and Google (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.) are great applications to make your workflow more streamlined. If you are a part of a team, they work amazingly well, too, as they have features that enable different users to access the same file and make changes to it.

You can also use it for personal productivity when you switch devices while you work; or when you need to access your files while you are on-the-go. Because cloud storage is accessible from any device, it eliminates the need to bring a flash drive or any external storage.

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Final Words

An organized digital workflow can result to a more productive time. It is, in the first place, the primary objective of using technology in your work. Ironically, you do not necessarily have to spend on a productivity app to be productive. At times, you can increase productivity when working on a computer by keeping things simple.

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