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7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Zoom Meetings

Zoom quickly found its way to educational institutions, businesses, and homes since the beginning of 2020. The primary reason is that it is free for light, individual users and it is extremely easy to use. However, it saw a huge number of security issues soon after its boom. In response, Zoom addressed the issues by […]
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join.me mobile app

Join.Me: Perfect for Low-Budget Users

Join.me is a video conferencing and team collaboration software that is geared towards low-budget customers. It can be suitable for teams who do not require too many features from a video conferencing app. Obviously, Join.me is not comparable to big players like Microsoft Teams which are dedicated for larger enterprises. This is to be expected […]
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transcription board

Video Transcription: How and Why You Should Do It

Transcription means translating an audio (either a sound recording or video recording) into text. Before, hiring a professional or doing it manually is the only way to put transcription on a video. But with the advancement in Speech-Recognition technology, it can now be done with the use of a video transcription software that often comes […]
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houseparty iOS app

Houseparty: An Attractively Simple Video App

If you have been an internet user since the late 90’s to early 2000, you probably know ICQ and MSN Messenger. The online chatting experience back in those days has been very traditional and straightforward as compared with today’s advanced features of other apps. Houseparty allows you to somehow relieve that decades-old experience but in a […]
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gotomeeting computer app

GoToMeeting: A Perfect Alternative to Zoom?

GoToMeeting has several major features that may particularly appeal to you. It is similar to Zoom in many ways. Although they are not equally popular, their functionalities may be compared side by side. However, there are some essential features that set them apart. Here is a list of what makes GoToMeeting a proper video conferencing […]
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google duo app on windows

Google Duo: A Fuss-Free Video Calling App

Although Google is among the largest tech companies in the world today, its status as such does not guarantee that everything it develops will become popular. Google Duo is a good example. Despite not receiving the notoriety that its main competitor, FaceTime, enjoys, it does not mean that Google Duo is an ill-conceived app. In […]
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a kid using FaceTime to talk with this dad

FaceTime: A Video Calling App Exclusively for Apple

Apple is famous for making reliable devices that could last for more than 5 years. I, for one, still have my iPod Touch which I bought twelve years ago. And although Apple no longer releases software support to their old devices, they still work. Their products’ robustness and reliability are probably the result of using […]
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Facebook Messenger: The Messaging App for Everyone

With its popularity today, Facebook no longer needs an introduction. It has been involved with several privacy-related controversies in the past, and up until today. But regardless of these controversies, Facebook continues to flourish in its field, and it continues to improve its products targeted to everyday people like us. If you have a Facebook […]
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ClickMeeting: The Webinar Solution for Consultants

We do not hear the word ClickMeeting all the time when we talk about video conferencing. Some people might not even know it exists. But despite its lack of popularity, this webinar solution can’t be simply ignored as it has some uniqueness that you might find fit for you. ClickMeeting ClickMeeting is a browser-based webinar software […]
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bluejeans app

BlueJeans: A Proper App for Webinars

BlueJeans is not quite as popular in the video conferencing market as the big players like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Based on its offerings, BlueJeans is geared towards catering enterprises and large-scale video conferences. Since its release, BlueJeans has attracted a loyal audience of considerable size thanks to its unique features. BlueJeans BlueJeans was established in […]
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intermedia anymeeting

AnyMeeting: Video Conferencing App for Small Businesses

In search of the perfect video conferencing solution, businesses often come across steeply priced solutions such as Zoom or Cisco Webex. But not the AnyMeeting app. AnyMeeting offers the essentials of video conferencing and webinars at an attractive price that is excellent for buyers with limited budget. In this article, find out if AnyMeeting is […]
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amazon chime ios app

Amazon Chime: Pay-as-You-Go Video Conferencing App

Chime is Amazon’s solution for video conferencing and remote team collaboration. It is a pay-as-you-go communications solution that only charges you for the services that you use on the days that you use them. Basically, Chime charges you $3 each day that you host a meeting and does not charge you on the days that you […]
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microsoft teams vs. skype

Microsoft Teams vs. Skype: Which One Is Better?

Teams and Skype are both products of Microsoft Corporation. Although they are from the same company, their focus is entirely different. Teams mainly caters large enterprises while Skype caters to individuals and small businesses. They are similar in a way that they are both used as video conferencing tools. However, the similarities end there. Each […]
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people on a video conferencing call - zoom audio problems

Fix Video Conferencing Issues (on any Platform) on Your Own

Video conferencing has never been more popular than it is today. Perhaps the most contributing factor to its popularity are the government-imposed lockdowns that forced companies to find ways to continue their operations even when their employees are at home. Thanks to high-speed internet working from home is made possible. Part of working from home […]
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video conferencing app

8 Most Popular Video Conferencing Apps

The way people meet and conduct conferences drastically changed during the pandemic. People were mandated to stay at home to be safe; and businesses were forced to find effective means to continue operating despite the difficulties and health hazards. Thankfully, there is Video Conferencing, and there are numerous video conferencing apps to choose from. Video […]
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a person hosting a video conference

7 Tips in Hosting a Successful Video Conference

Video conferencing (or virtual meeting) just made the world smaller by changing the way how people talk to each other, how businesses conduct meetings, and how speakers talk in front of a crowd. In businesses, video conferences are conducted when audiences are not able to be physically present in a room at a certain time […]
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a tiny robot computer - computer maintenance

Computer Maintenance Tips to Extend Your PC’s Usable Life

Computers are essential for businesses, research, and education, among others. In any task that requires a computer, a PC that performs at its best can save time and helps improve efficiency. But for your computer to run smoothly and efficiently, you must know how to do a proper computer maintenance. Why Do You Need to […]
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an illustration of restarting your computer

Restarting Your Computer Can Solve Technical Issues

There are computer users who take the health of their PCs seriously, and there are those who just use their PCs without giving much thought about its proper maintenance. But believe it or not, it does not take an expert to take proper care of a computer. One important way to ensure the health and […]
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Common Computer Cables and Their Functions

Computer cables are overwhelming for most users. Every cable has a specific kind of connector on both ends depending on its purpose or usage. Since there are several kinds of computer cables, you need to know the basic types of connectors so you can attach them to their designated place. Here is an overview of the […]
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The Dangers of Installing Free Software Into Your PC

Developers of paid or subscription-based software often use free-trial versions of their apps to attract users. In some cases, there is harmless because users are not charged if they do not want to subscribe. However, some users find the paid versions of these software a little too expensive. That is why instead of paying for […]
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