why choose CyberLife?

CyberLife: Your Best Choice as a Technology Partner

The business landscape in this era has evolved to be a war between the old ways and the new ways of doing business. Undeniably, up until today, there are businesses operating on outdated systems and managed to survive. However, advancement is where this world is headed. And technology plays an important role on this. If […]
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person looking at business intelligence tools on his laptop

Basic Business Intelligence Tools to Look for in a BI System

Business Intelligence (BI) is a collective term encompassing the vast process of using tools/software in collecting, storing, and analyzing data. BI transforms unstructured, raw data from normal business operations into actionable insights for the benefit of the business. All business intelligence systems are different, and while there are hundreds of systems available out there, not […]
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hand shake - hiring the right person

Hiring the Right Person: 17 Tips to Find the Right Employee

What makes a business successful is not just a world-changing concept and a unique strategy that is responsive to changes. An important formula in making a successful business is making the right decisions, and taking the time and effort in hiring the right person on every position. Hiring the right person is important. Perhaps equally […]
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microsoft building - microsoft 365 business subscription

Microsoft 365: The Only Business Subscription You Need.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a subscription service which provides a range of productivity and business apps. The entire suite can cater to a wide variety of users. From those doing everyday tasks (writing, spreadsheets, business presentations, emails, etc.), to more advanced users such as large enterprises dealing with business intelligence. Additionally, Microsoft 365 […]
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RDBMS schema - what is RDBMS

What is RDBMS and Other FAQs

Operating is comparable to operating a motor vehicle. The vital components of a car are its engine, transmission, tires and wheels, steering wheel, and pedals. Omit any one of those parts, and the vehicle will not go anywhere. Similarly, it also requires some components and programming knowledge to make use of a database: ERP, Website, […]
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image of sql command - what is sql

SQL Basics: 4 Things You Need to Know

If you have once asked a book from a librarian, then you know the concept of querying. Asking a librarian to show you a book is pretty much similar to the concept of SQL and database. Think of the library as database, and you asking the librarian is SQL querying. Firstly, you must know what […]
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picture or a library - data warehouse

Data Warehouse: The Foundation of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) will not function without a data warehouse. In the absence of such, BI tools will have nowhere to pull data from. If there is no data, there can be no analysis; which in turn leads to very risky business decisions because of lack of analytical basis. If money is the fuel of […]
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laptop showing business intelligence

How Does Business Intelligence Help in Decision Making?

Business is still about strategy and proper management. Of course, revenues must still be higher than operating costs to be profitable. But do you know that aside from these commonly known principles, doing business has greatly changed over the past decade? Technology has significantly advanced that it changed the way people manage their businesses. And […]
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visualization of an ERP system

What is an ERP System and How Does it Work?

Growing a business is easier now than how it used to three decades ago. Obviously, this can be attributed to the people behind it. But aside from the people making the company work, huge companies and growing companies now use technology to manage their growth. It is a complex software that makes business management easier. This […]
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manager looking at company records - business needs an erp system

4 Signs Your Business Needs an ERP System

At the beginning of their operations, most SMEs make do with Excel sheets and manual data entry. This works just fine until they really start to grow. When companies experience growth, the problems that they must solve become more complicated. Does your business need an ERP system? A growing customer base needs more inventory. And […]
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group of managers having a discussion - erp implementation

7 Phases of ERP Implementation

Great job! You have grown your business to the extent that you now need technological intervention to manage it. The need for ERP implementation in your business means that you have achieved a certain level of success. Having an ERP system to streamline your business will help you grow even further. However, you should know […]
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3 managers discussing a problem - issues an erp can solve

5 Business Issues an ERP System Can Solve

For businesses to achieve growth, they need enough revenues to support operations and to profit at the end of an accounting period. But, there is actually a lot of things going on behind the scenes of a growing company. The transformation of the storefront is the last thing that you will see when a company […]
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gears - main components of ERP

6 Main Components of ERP to Look Out For

No ERP System is a one-size-fits-all. Nothing is tailored to work for every company out of the box. Therefore, an ERP system is a sizeable investment – not just in terms of money, but also in terms of time and effort. It’s not something that can be taken lightly because it is a commitment that […]
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person working as a freelancer

Can You Succeed as a Freelancer in Today’s World?

The year 2020 has caught all of us by surprise. No one ever expected that a pandemic would bring the world to a halt. And so, most of us were caught unprepared for the lockdowns, and joblessness caused by mass layoffs because businesses were losing capital. We have realized that there is no such thing […]
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