Technology Products You Should and Should Not Buy

Technology has been continuously evolving; and the innovation is getting faster and better. This is the main reason why tech companies are able to launch a “revolutionary” product several times in a year. In addition, as compared to the past, while technology gets more advanced, it gets more affordable. Being a trillion-dollar business, the technology […]
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a woman working on her kitchen

Home Office Setup Guide for Remote Work

Global Workplace Analytics forecasts that even after this pandemic, 25-30% of U.S. workforce will still work from home multiple days per week by the end of 2021. Thus, it is safe to say that it is about time that you invest in a well-equipped home office because you might still be working from home for a […]
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computer components in a toilet - end of life

Hardware Upgrades for Your System’s End of Life (EOL)

All technology products such as smartphones, tablets, and computers have their limitations as regards their usable life. There is no such thing as “permanent” when it comes to consumer electronics. Developers are continuously releasing more powerful products almost thrice a year. And to support these innovations, software must also be upgraded. A software update is […]
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dual monitors

Tips to Get the Right Dual Monitor Setup

If your work is heavy on the multitasking side, and you always find yourself switching from one window to another, you’ll find having dual-monitor workstation very beneficial. With a dual-monitor or a multi-monitor setup, multitasking would be very efficient because you can assign each monitor to a specific task. This also eliminates the need to […]
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a child studying from home

Studying-from-Home Essentials

[UPDATED] Homeschooling used to be just an alternative way of educating your kids. Who could have guessed that all learners will be studying from home nowadays? Well, because of the pandemic, studying from home, like homeschooling, has become the only means to acquire education. Studying requires time and space to focus. Time is given. But […]
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a minimalist works space - setting up a home office

Basic Equipment Needed in Setting Up a Home Office

[UPDATED] Amidst today’s pandemic, a work-from-home setup is the safest way to work without sacrificing one’s health. As a result, companies permitted their employees to work within the safety of their houses. Additionally, freelancing opportunities are on the rise. And since working from home could be a good setup for some companies and employees even […]
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