phone with no wifi- Wi-Fi connection problems

A Complete Guide on How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Problems

Out of all the devices you have at home, perhaps the last thing that you want to fail is your Wi-Fi connection. After all, your Wi-Fi connection gives virtually endless ways to keep you entertained, and it is highly useful for work and studies. However, as it is normal to encounter Wi-Fi connection issues on […]
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wi-fi logo

What is Wi-Fi and How Does it Work? | Explained in Simple Terms

Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi dates back to 1971 when ALOHAnet connected the Great Hawaiian Islands with a UHF wireless packet network. Various developments and improvements in the design and functionality followed thereafter until it has evolved to be an essential powerful tool in our daily lives. Here is a simple explanation of Wi-Fi as we […]
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a phone used as a wi-fi hotspot

Tethering: How to Use Your Phone as a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Internet is more reliable today as compared to how it was in the past. However, internet service providers sometimes fail to deliver a stable connection because of reasons that are out of their control, such as power outage, storms, etc. If your work relies on the internet, your workflow will be halted if you lose […]
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a wireless access point mounted at the ceiling - wireless access point placement

Wireless Access Point Placement for Optimal Connection

Wi-Fi networks are inferior to wired networks when it comes to reliability, speed, and connection quality. However, wireless networks are more practical since they are easier to set up and they can accommodate more devices at a single time. In addition, most devices and home networks prefer Wi-Fi over ethernet because of its ease of […]
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woman frustrated by having a weak wi-fi signal

Simple Solutions to Improve a Weak Wi-Fi Signal

An internet connection is now an important part of every household. It has become a necessity that almost everyone depends on a network connection to accomplish their work-related and business-related tasks. Nowadays, even personal affairs such as talking to friends and fixing your schedule require internet connection. If Wi-Fi signal in your home or office […]
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slouched woman because of lost internet connection

Internet Connection Problem? Here’s How to Fix It

Now that majority of jobs are worked at home, your success and productivity rely heavily on your internet connection. If it fails, you’ll also fail to accomplish your work – worse, you could lose a client if you are in an important business call. Before saying goodbye to your precious time and money, here are […]
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an image of fire to represent hardware firewall and software firewall

Hardware Firewall vs. Software Firewall

There are numerous types of firewalls out there; and choosing the best one for your home network is quite an overwhelming task, especially if you are not a techie user. However, installing a firewall to protect your network is something that you don’t want to skimp on. We have narrowed down your choices of firewalls […]
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Better Internet Connection for Americans in Rural Areas

Surveys show that 39% of Americans in rural areas are deprived of broadband services. The same survey only yields 4% for Americans living in urban areas. The high percentage of lack of internet only shows technological disparity between people living in urban rural areas. Is broadband internet still impossible for rural Americans? Effects of Poor […]
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American flag

The Future of Internet Connectivity in the USA

Over the past two decades, internet connectivity has become an integral part of modern living not just in the USA, but all over the world. Having a broadband service at home presents essential opportunity for education, business, and livelihood. Truly, internet has become a necessity and an important ingredient of progress. However, despite being a […]
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wifi logo to symbolize wi-fi problems

10 Easy Solutions to Wi-Fi Speed and Signal Problems

There’s no foolproof technological innovation. The electronics that we use today are bound to encounter minor problems during their useful life. However, this is not a cause for concern as this is normal for consumer electronics. The point is that you should not get too frustrated whenever you encounter minor issues with your devices these […]
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a snail crawling - symbolizes slow internet connection

8 Ways to Troubleshoot a Slow Internet Connection

Internet connectivity is an important part of our daily lives because it is needed in dealing with personal, business, and school-related activities. When you have a reliable internet connection, you can get things done faster. And to deliver everything that you demand out of it, your internet connection should always perform at its best. The […]
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thunderstorm hitting power lines - no internet after power outage

No Internet After a Power Outage? Here’s What You Should Do

Aside from strong winds and flooding, thunderstorms also cause unexpected power outages. This could be a result of fallen trees and power lines. In some places, outages could also be because power suppliers decide to shutdown supply to avoid damages should the calamities worsen. And very rarely, power outages result from lack of supply of […]
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