image of a laser printer

Troubleshooting a Laser Printer | Easy-to-Follow Guide

A laser printer is a type of printer that uses heat and toner to produce images or texts. As compared to inkjet printers, they are more reliable because they do not have a nozzle that could be clogged over time. Although a laser printer is more expensive than an inkjet printer, the cost of using […]
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image of different kinds of printer papers

How to Choose the Right Paper for Your Printer?

There are numerous kinds of printers to produce different kinds of printouts. This means that each printer requires a specific kind of paper. The type of paper you need depends on the type of printer that you have, and it also depends on the purpose and type of document that you want to print. In […]
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a person pulling out a tray from laser printer - maintaining a laser printer

5 Easy Ways of Maintaining a Laser Printer

Laser printers are different from inkjet printers because they use toner instead of ink. They are also known for being expensive in their initial cost. However, maintaining a laser printer is cheaper in the long run if it is used frequently because toner is cheaper than ink. Since they are economical to use, they are […]
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an image of inkjet printer cartridges - inkjet printer maintenance

Inkjet Printer Maintenance: 7 Easy Ways

No other machine, aside from printers, can make hard copies of important documents, financial records, memos, mails, photos, and more. However, as busy as your inkjet printer is, its maintenance often gets neglected. People only realize the importance of taking care of their inkjet printers when it is time to have them repaired, or worse, to […]
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