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The business landscape in this era has evolved to be a war between the old ways and the new ways of doing business. Undeniably, up until today, there are businesses operating on outdated systems and managed to survive.

However, advancement is where this world is headed. And technology plays an important role on this. If you use the appropriate technology, you are giving your company a higher chance of surviving its early stages. Technology does not only help your business grow, but it also plays a bigger role on the stability and sustainability of your business when operations become more complex.

In short, inculcating the appropriate solutions to your business ensures that you are equipped for the long haul.

The Challenge…

The initial challenge in gearing up your business with the appropriate technology is finding the best technology partner to do the heavy lifting for you. Believe it or not, you do not have to learn everything in your business – especially the complexities of business intelligence software. You should only have a trusted technology partner to do all this for you.

There are popular technology partners out there. But popularity does not equate to compatibility nor does it guarantee success. You can find mainstream off-the-shelf solutions, but you cannot guarantee that these are the solutions your business needs.

Aside from expertise and experience, you want a technology partner that takes the extra mile to go to where you are and personally see what really is happening; and find and develop appropriate solutions to solve your problems. And most of the time, custom business solutions are the answer – not off-the-shelf products.

That’s what CyberLife is all about. Answers based on your problems, and tailored solutions based on our assessment. We are your partner in solving critical problems in your company or organization – especially those problems that will dictate your future.

What Clients Say About CyberLife’s Services?

Bill Greer, CFO, Franklin D. Azar & Associates

On IT Consulting – payroll software design and build (custom solution).

Bill Greer's testimony on CyberLife's IT Consulting Service and Custom Business Solutions.
Bill Greer’s testimony on CyberLife’s IT Consulting Service and Custom Business Solutions.

Jamal Abdur Salaam, Principal, JJ Legacy Montessori School

On Managed Services and IT Consulting– Help desk and on-site support, computer deployment, technology assessment and lifecycle planning.

Jamar Abdur Salaam's testimony on CyberLife's Managed Services and IT Consulting Service.
Jamar Abdur Salaam’s testimony on CyberLife’s Managed Services and IT Consulting Service.

Nels Larsen, Managing Partner, Guidance Accounting

On Managed Services – Help-desk support.

Nels Larsen's testimony on CyberLife's Managed Services.
Nels Larsen’s testimony on CyberLife’s Managed Services.

Jon Kallestad, CEO, A+ Outdoor Services

On our IT Consulting – Website design and build (custom solution).

Jon Kallestad's testimony on CyberLife's IT Consulting Service and Custom Business Solutions.
Jon Kallestad’s testimony on CyberLife’s IT Consulting Service and Custom Business Solutions.

Who is CyberLife?

CyberLife is an IT company specializing in Digital Transformation and Custom Business Solutions.

We are headed by our CEO, Eric Johnson, who has been in the industry since the early stages of his career back in 2000 as a desktop support technician at Unisys. As years went by, he gained more advanced learnings and technical expertise, and he climbed his way up to become a Senior Systems Administrator at NorthStar CMS in 2007.

In 2013-2015, Eric, as Director of Information Technology, spearheaded the transformation of Z Wireless’ business from the ground up. Said transformation was instrumental to the 250% increase in Z Wireless’ sales from $200,000 – $700,000.

Eric also became the Director of Information Technology at Pearson’s Candy Company, a landmark company in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2016. He led the company’s modernization and digital transformation.

Alongside his work as a Digital Transformation leader, he started consulting in 2009.

Among his clients were:

  • Wells Fargo (2009) – Implemented an enterprise messaging platform.
  • Mendota Insurance (2010) – Managed the IT department during turnaround period.
  • Xcel Energy (2011) – Deployed SEP12 to 10,000 workstations; consultant for deployment of new endpoint protections system and OS.
  • US Bank (2011) – Remedied IT vulnerabilities of US bank’s infrastructure and more than 500 servers.
  • UnitedHealth Group (2012) – Managed IT security project deployments and HIPPA-compliant networking hardware.
  • Merrill Corporation (2015) – Architected and implemented Azure-based IaaS infrastructure.
  • Integrated Supply Network (2018) – Served as Interim CIO; supervised all IT operations during restructuring period.
  • El Cap Holdings (2018-2020) – Provided transformation and adoption services; trusted advisor in the improvement of the company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Stock+Field (2020) – Completed a 36-month IT roadmap, deployed Zendesk Support, and implemented SharePoint intranet.

The experiences he gained from his employment and consulting career are the foundations of CyberLife Professional Services.

CyberLife Professional Services

CyberLife takes pride in its professional services learned through years of immersive experience. Our flagship service is Digital Transformation complemented by five other services covering almost all IT-related facets of a business. Furthermore, CyberLife can also help with management-related issues – especially those that require immediate response.

Our Services:

  • Digital Transformation – Our flagship service. Transforming businesses with antiquated and costly systems into well-oiled machines running efficiently with substantial boost in productivity.
  • Advisory Consulting – Expert advice on general management of your business and its intricacies.
  • IT Consulting – Protect your company and your clients’ data privacy. Lifecycle planning so you don’t have to put up with old equipment that costs you time and money.
  • Managed Services– Entrust your IT department to CyberLife so you can focus on your operations alone.
  • Management Consulting–Help you manage things to go the way they should during transition periods in your company.
  • Recruiting– Find reliable IT professionals. We will tap into our wide network within the IT industry to do the recruiting for you.

Why Choose CyberLife?

Where there is a need for technology and transformation, CyberLife can help.

Your wants and your needs:

  • A technology partner that you can trust and rely on for the long haul.
  • You want to talk to only one technology partner who can do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • You do not want to deal with complicated technology, and you just want to focus on your business.
  • Solve critical problems in your company, but you do not know who to talk to.
  • Business solutions made specifically for you.
  • You manage a small or midsize business (SMB) and you don’t know where to start.
  • You manage an SME or a large enterprise, and you want long-term sustainability and stability in your system.

So, why choose CyberLife? The answer is simple.

Because you need technological help from a trustworthy partner who goes the extra mile for you. Regardless of the size of your business and your situation.

Our mission is to empower and enable our clients, from SMBs to large enterprises, so they can achieve their goals. We make this happen by understanding your business to provide tailored custom business solutions.

Become a Client.

Let us begin the transformation of your business. Call us at 424-349-3848 or send us an email at

Visit our website to know more.

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