Do You Need a Security Suite in Your PC?

It is hard to imagine a world without computers. Almost every aspect of our lives, be it business, professional, or personal, involves using computer. And tech companies just keep on innovating to provide more advanced products to us, their consumers.

However, despite the popularity of computers today, there are still users who are not familiar on how computers work, and how to keep them working in good condition. In addition, some people are still clueless when it comes to safety and security in using computers. They only discover that their PC is infected when it’s too late.

To give you an idea on how to protect your computer and yourself from internet attacks, here is an overview of what a security suite is, and why you need it in your PC. But before that, you need to have a clue whether your computer is infected by a virus not. This is so you can take preemptive actions to prevent the destruction of your prized possession – your computer.

Signs of Computer Virus Infection

Most malware use stealthy means to get into computers. emails, free downloads, and pop-ups are common sources of malware. When these malicious programs infect computers, they start to exhibit minute to major changes in performance and usability.

So, how will you know if your computer is infected by a malware? Here are some of the symptoms:

  1. Your computer is running slower than normal.
  2. It displays pop-ups when you are online or even during offline.
  3. Some programs are sluggish; they suddenly crash, or fail to open.
  4. Browsers fail to launch some websites.
  5. Displays a blue screen with an error code.

What Is a Security Suite?

Now that you can identify if your computer is infected or not, let us discuss what a security suite is.

A security suite is a set of different software and services protecting your computer from malware. It is managed by a single software that has antivirus and firewall as its primary elements.

Security suites also scan your computer for irregular behaviors resulting from an unknown program. Most security suite software utilize three detection processes:

  1. Specific Detection – works by detecting a malware through a particular set of features or characteristics.
  2. Generic Detection – searches for malware that are forms of some known program, or malware that is related through a common codebase.
  3. Heuristic Detection – locates unknown virus by narrowing down suspicious behavior in the system or different file structure.

Security Suite Features – What are the Tools Included?

A security suite intends to protect all possible vulnerabilities of a computer by providing specific security programs. Here are some of them:

  1. Anti-virus – Secures your saved files and hardware from Trojan horses, viruses, and worms.
  2. Anti-spyware – Protects your computers from programs that secretly gather your personal data, which is then sold to third parties.
  3. Firewall – Checks incoming and outgoing network traffic and immediately alerts you in case of any unauthorized attempts to connect to your computer.
  4. Identity protection – Protects you against phishing websites. With the help of identity-protection tool, security suites alert you when the website you are trying to visit could be fraudulent.
  5. PC optimization tools – Most security suites come with PC optimization tools. This improves and maintains the overall performance and speed of your computer by providing easy to use computer cleaning programs.
  6. Spam protection – Keeps your email clutter-free as it categorizes all the annoying, harmful, and offensive spam messages out of the inbox.

“Do I Need an Internet Security Suite?”

Safety and security are the reasons why you need a security suite in your PC. And in the age of information, the age we live in today, safety and security are paramount.

A security suite does the following to protect you and your computer:

  1. It provides firewall to monitor all inbound and outbound network traffic. This automatically prevents transfer of your personal data to cyber criminals.
  2. It monitors all the websites and URLs that you are trying to access to ensure that you are not visiting a phishing website.
  3. As compared to anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, a security suite offers protection against wider threats including rootkits, ransomware, spyware, and anti-spam programs.
  4. Scans incoming emails and messages to ensure that all the attachments you download are safe.
  5. Most security suites have parental controls included.

Final Words

In extreme cases, cyberattacks can lead to extortion, identity theft, and loss of important data. Thus, you should equip your computer with the necessary protection.

A computer virus or any form of cyber-attack is a serious threat not just to an individual, but also to huge organizations. That is why investing in a security suite makes a lot of sense.

Undeniably, a security suite costs a substantial amount, but you will pay a bigger price if you fall victim to any internet attack.

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