“Hafnium” Attacks Microsoft Exchange Servers | What Can You Do About It?

Microsoft Corporation has warned Exchange users (on-premise) that a Chinese hacking crew dubbed as “Hafnium” has deployed email hacks targeted towards US-based organizations. The announcement only came on March 2, 2021; although it is claimed by some technology experts that the hackers started their activities on January 2021.

As of this writing, it has been estimated that over 60,000 organizations were breached by the said attack.

Up until today, NO organization (yet) is 100% safe from this exchange server exploit. And that means YOUR ORGANIZATION is also vulnerable. All organizations (huge or small) using Microsoft Exchange are advised to remain vigilant.

In the meantime, let us discuss Hafnium, the pre-emptive efforts you can do to protect your organization, and the things that CyberLife can do to implement effective security measures to keep you safe, not just against Hafnium, but against any other cyberattacks for years to come.

What is “Hafnium”?

Hafnium is suspected to be a Chinese state-sponsored group that hacks Microsoft Exchange servers across US to exfiltrate data from unsuspecting victims. The hackers, operating from leased virtual private servers in US, accessed Exchange servers via unknown vulnerabilities of the system to conduct discrete and calculated attacks. The attacks went undetected for some time.

Although, since the US government is now trying to catch up with the hackers, the latter’s operations have been ramped up to infiltrate as many servers as possible.

Not just that, the hackers install “web shells” which give them administrative access to the victims’ servers – which means that they can gain entry to the servers any time they need.

What Can You Do?

If you suspect that your Exchange server’s security is breached, check out this article by Microsoft on how to defend servers under attack – although, the explanation is a bit technical.

Here are some basic actions that you can do as an initial precaution:

  1. Install the latest patch.
  2. Install additional protection (like Microsoft Defender) to protect your organization from targeted attacks like phishing and other malware.
  3. Encrypt your data.

CyberLife Services to Keep Your Organization Safe

Go straight to implementing solutions to defend your server. Email us today at sales@cyberlifeweb.com or call one of our representatives at 424-349-3848.

We have IT Consulting services to audit your organization’s cyber security and implement timely response to repel potential attacks.

Through our Managed Services, we’ll keep your IT department up to speed to solutions needed in keeping your organization secure. So you don’t have to worry about any secuirty breach in the future,


If your IT team does not have the capacity to contain security breaches, entrust this matter to experts.

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