Houseparty: An Attractively Simple Video App

If you have been an internet user since the late 90’s to early 2000, you probably know ICQ and MSN Messenger. The online chatting experience back in those days has been very traditional and straightforward as compared with today’s advanced features of other apps.

Houseparty allows you to somehow relieve that decades-old experience but in a new video chat format, a straightforward purpose, a fancier user interface, and newer features. It allows users to chat with their friends after work, school, or any other time they feel like it. Simply put, Houseparty is unlike anything else in the market.

What is the Houseparty app?

Houseparty is a social networking service that enables group video chatting through mobile and desktop apps. Users receive a notification when friends are online and available to chat.

But unlike the typical social media apps where you can share your thoughts, photos, or follow your favorite film director, Houseparty strongly focuses on group video chats.

The story of Houseparty is rather interesting. In February 2015, Life on Air, Inc. (the developer of Houseparty) published the live streaming app Meerkat. Despite its initial success, Meerkat soon began to decline because of strong competition from Facebook and Twitter, and with people seemingly hesitant to broadcast themselves publicly. It was eventually shutdown in 2016.

During the decline of Meerkat, Life on Air has already started the development of Houseparty. However, Life on Air did not want the app to be associated with Meerkat because the sudden switch to private streaming could raise criticism.

In February 2016, Houseparty was released on the App Store and Google Play. Despite few initial setbacks like connection issues (because of the quickly growing user base), it eventually went on to become what Meerkat has never been – even at its peak.

In June 2019, Life on Air was acquired by Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite and the legendary Unreal Engine, an advanced real-time 3D creation tool.

Houseparty experienced a sharp increase in popularity in the first half of 2020. On March 2020 the app was the sixth most downloaded free app in U.S., as well as the most downloaded app in UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

What are the features of Houseparty app?

The idea of Houseparty is extremely simple. As compared to feature-packed social networks like Twitter or Facebook, it might even seem lackluster. But for the purpose that it is set out to perform, Houseparty has just enough features for its target users.

  • Go live anytime or call your friends. Houseparty can accommodate up to eight people. If you go online, people in your contact list will be notified.
  • Lock your chatroom if you want to limit people to only those whom you invited. You may eventually add friends to the call when they send a request.
  • Enable or disable the video or audio during the call if you want some privacy.
  • Play games such as Uno, Heads Up!, Quick Draw, Chips, and few others.
  • Change virtual background in Houseparty using [Frames].

Is Houseparty free?

  • Houseparty is completely free – just like the mainstream video sharing apps like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Final Words

When it comes to business communication, Houseparty will not do the job – primarily because it does not have the features to facilitate a team collaboration or a business-related video conference.

It is great for those who just want to kick back and have a chat with their friends and families. When you feel like it, you may log in to Houseparty to see who is online and start chatting. It is as straightforward as it can be.

It is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Chrome browsers.

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