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A Basic Guide to Firefox

Mozilla Firefox or simply “Firefox” is a free web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is a streamlined and simplistic web browser which heavily boasts its security features. Unlike Chrome and Edge, it is not based on the Chromium Open-Source Project, which makes navigating through Firefox a little different. This article will give you a basic […]
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A Basic Guide to Microsoft Edge

According to, Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular browser in the world, right next to Chrome and surpassing Mozilla Firefox. “Edge” is a new browser from Microsoft replacing the Internet Explorer. It is based on the Chromium Open-Source Project (where Google Chrome is also based), so there are some noticeable similarities as regards […]
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A Basic Guide to Google Chrome

Google Chrome or simply “Chrome” is a web browser from Google and is the most popular browser among computer users around the world. It has numerous advanced features and settings that can be used to personalize it. Because of its customizability, Chrome can help you do your browsing tasks more conveniently and efficiently. Here’s your […]
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The Most Popular Web Browsers Today

Web browsers, also commonly called as “browsers”, are your portals to the online world. They enable you to “browse” the internet and view different websites, do your research, log-in to your social media accounts and emails, and many other services available online. Browsers are also available on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Among the […]
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