people sharing files through cloud storage for productivity

Using Cloud Storage for Productivity at Home or at the Workplace

Technology made work easier to people through the development of more powerful computers, smartphones, and tablets. To complement the advanced features of the latest technology, internet speed has improved significantly. Powerful computers and faster internet speed opened up opportunities for innovations to help people stay more productive and accomplish more. Cloud storage is arguably the […]
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a person looking at his files through his phone (cloud storage USB otg)

Access Your Files Anywhere: USB OTG & Cloud Storage

Not long ago, if you want to access and edit the files in your computer, you must have your computer with you. However, times have changed. Nowadays, manufacturers have made smartphones and tablets so powerful that you can now create an entire document, presentation, and a spreadsheet in your phone or tablet. You can even […]
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close-up image of network-attached storage

Benefits of Using a Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

[UPDATED] A Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a physical storage device that is connected to a network allowing authorized users to store and retrieve data over the internet if they are connected to the same network. However, some NAS devices now come with their own cloud services so users can remotely access their files. A NAS […]
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a visual representation of cloud storage services

Recommended Cloud Storage Services for Collaboration

Advancements in technology has revolutionized the way people collaborate, be it in business, work, and personal matters. One can now simply upload files to an online storage space called “Cloud Storage” so other people can access the same file wherever they are, when needed. Thus, cloud storage services made working as a team easier, faster, […]
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a lightning cable plugged into an online data storage

Advantages of Using an Online Data Storage

Prior to the introduction of Online Data Storage or cloud storage, individuals used flash drives, and companies used physical servers to store files. As technology became more advanced, and internet connectivity has become more reliable, the use of online data storage services became more popular. This technological innovation has allowed users and businesses to store […]
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