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Microsoft 365 Online: Use Microsoft 365 in the Browser

If you are working on documents, spreadsheets and business presentations, Microsoft 365 is perhaps the best app that you can use. It comes packed with all the advanced features needed to create the kind of output that you want. In addition, Microsoft 365 was made more convenient because it has an online version that can […]
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A Complete Guide in Installing Office 365 for Mac Computers

Apple has its own suite of office productivity app called iWork. iWork consists of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, respectively. They come preinstalled in Macs when you buy them; and knowing Apple, they don’t make nonsense software for their devices. Thus, iWork is a complete office productivity app that works well […]
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Issues in Using Multiple Office 365 Accounts in One Computer

Office 365 was launched in 2011. It has always been the primary choice of businesses and individual users when doing office duties such as drafting documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and other more advanced tasks. However, there are some issues Office 365 users encounter from time to time, especially when using several Office 365 accounts on […]
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