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Microsoft 365: The Only Business Subscription You Need.

Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) is a subscription service which provides a range of productivity and business apps. The entire suite can cater to a wide variety of users. From those doing everyday tasks (writing, spreadsheets, business presentations, emails, etc.), to more advanced users such as large enterprises dealing with business intelligence. Additionally, Microsoft 365 […]
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What is Microsoft SharePoint? Plus, an Ingenious Way to Use It.

It is hard to establish an efficient communication if you are working within a large organization. Much more difficult is trying to work together over a single file or document with all your team members. Well, Microsoft may have solved all the challenges of collaboration – effective communication, real-time updates, and working together in real […]
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people sharing files through cloud storage for productivity

Using Cloud Storage for Productivity at Home or at the Workplace

Technology made work easier to people through the development of more powerful computers, smartphones, and tablets. To complement the advanced features of the latest technology, internet speed has improved significantly. Powerful computers and faster internet speed opened up opportunities for innovations to help people stay more productive and accomplish more. Cloud storage is arguably the […]
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5 Tips to Increase Productivity When Working on a Computer

In businesses, increasing productivity may require investing on technology that will automate simple, repetitive processes. Automation requires commitment, numerous trials and errors, and in most cases, financial investment on an automation tool. But aiming to increase personal productivity when working is a totally different story. Increasing productivity when working on a computer initially requires improvement […]
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