skype logo displayed on a tablet screen

Skype: The Retiring King of Video Conferencing

Few years back, the word Skype was nearly synonymous with video conferencing. That is because it is one of those who came early to the game, and right in time with the dawn of the era of internet. It was the only solid option for personal and business video communication back then. However, decades later, […]
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a simple vdeo conferencing setup

Everything You Need for Your Video Conferencing Setup

Video conferencing is not a difficult task – that is, if you are prepared for it. And preparation is not just being on time at the meeting. It entails being ready with your piece (if you are hosting the meeting), your reports (if you are presenting to your boss or employees), and your video conferencing […]
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Google Hangouts: Still a Useful Video Conferencing App?

Hangouts has long been the primary online video conferencing tool from Google for consumers and business customers. However, with the transition of business users to Google Chat and Google Meet, it is no longer relevant for some of its previous users. Because of this there are rumors about Google transforming Hangouts to something else by […]
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zoom ios icon

Zoom Meetings: The Most Popular Video Conferencing App

Two years after its launch in 2013, Zoom managed to attract 40 million users. It gained even more popularity during the first half of 2020. However, along with its rise to fame, Zoom has encountered some serious security issues which prompted businesses and governments to ban its usage. Upon the widespread of the issue, Zoom […]
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zoho remotely logo

Zoho Remotely: Complete Business Collaboration Tool

If you are looking for a software platform that would allow you to streamline and automate most or all your business processes, Zoho Remotely is a choice worth highly considering. This relatively little-known company from India offers some of the larger and more complete business platforms that you can find. What is Zoho Remotely? Remotely is […]
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whatsapp iOS app

WhatsApp: Free and Secure Messaging

[Update] With over 2 billion users as of 2020, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. It has held this title since 2015 when it reached 900 million monthly active users. Its primary selling point is perhaps its end-to-end encryption of messages between it users. This means that WhatsApp ensures that only […]
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cisco webex logo

Webex Meetings: A Cost-Effective Video Conferencing App

Because of the popularity it gained in early 2020, Zoom always comes to mind when you talk about video conferencing solutions. However, it may not be suited for all types of users. If Zoom is not the video conferencing app for you, you may look at Webex Meetings as a more cost-effective alternative. What is […]
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microsoft teams windows app

Microsoft Teams: A Collaboration App Built for Businesses

Microsoft is now phasing out Skype for Business by July 2021 to give way to an even more robust and feature-packed successor, Microsoft Teams. It is a part of Microsoft 365 suite which is a collection of productivity and collaboration apps, powerful cloud services, and device management along with advanced security features to keep private […]
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logos of windows, apple, and android

Using Windows, MacOS, and Android Devices Together

Technology is very accessible, and it has become much cheaper today than how it was several years ago. In addition, technology keeps getting better each year, especially with smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. And in this area of technology, consumers have three choices when it comes to operating systems: Microsoft (Windows) Google […]
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people on a video conferencing call - zoom audio problems

Fix Zoom Audio Problems Easily

Audio is an important element of any call, be it a voice or a video call, because it is how the context of a conversation is easily conveyed and understood. In fact, for some people, a slightly lower video quality in a Zoom meeting is bearable; but audio quality problems in a Zoom meeting can […]
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ringcentral PC app

RingCentral: Video Conferencing and Telephone Services

With the online video conferencing industry booming, many may have forgotten about phone communication. Although online calls make interactions within teams easier, they may not always be the appropriate means to communicate. One area where a business phone service is very much preferred is in customer communication. If you want to solidify your presence, especially […]
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marco polo in app store

Marco Polo: A Tamed Version of Snapchat

Snapchat is highly popular among the youth, but its energetic environment can be exhausting. However, if you want an experience like Snapchat but at a more relaxed pace, Marco Polo might be for you. How does the Marco Polo app work and how is it different from Snapchat? Marco Polo was developed and released by […]
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Zoom Logo with Padlock

7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Zoom Meetings

Zoom quickly found its way to educational institutions, businesses, and homes since the beginning of 2020. The primary reason is that it is free for light, individual users and it is extremely easy to use. However, it saw a huge number of security issues soon after its boom. In response, Zoom addressed the issues by […]
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Join.Me: Perfect for Low-Budget Users is a video conferencing and team collaboration software that is geared towards low-budget customers. It can be suitable for teams who do not require too many features from a video conferencing app. Obviously, is not comparable to big players like Microsoft Teams which are dedicated for larger enterprises. This is to be expected […]
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transcription board

Video Transcription: How and Why You Should Do It

Transcription means translating an audio (either a sound recording or video recording) into text. Before, hiring a professional or doing it manually is the only way to put transcription on a video. But with the advancement in Speech-Recognition technology, it can now be done with the use of a video transcription software that often comes […]
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houseparty iOS app

Houseparty: An Attractively Simple Video App

If you have been an internet user since the late 90’s to early 2000, you probably know ICQ and MSN Messenger. The online chatting experience back in those days has been very traditional and straightforward as compared with today’s advanced features of other apps. Houseparty allows you to somehow relieve that decades-old experience but in a […]
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gotomeeting computer app

GoToMeeting: A Perfect Alternative to Zoom?

GoToMeeting has several major features that may particularly appeal to you. It is similar to Zoom in many ways. Although they are not equally popular, their functionalities may be compared side by side. However, there are some essential features that set them apart. Here is a list of what makes GoToMeeting a proper video conferencing […]
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google duo app on windows

Google Duo: A Fuss-Free Video Calling App

Although Google is among the largest tech companies in the world today, its status as such does not guarantee that everything it develops will become popular. Google Duo is a good example. Despite not receiving the notoriety that its main competitor, FaceTime, enjoys, it does not mean that Google Duo is an ill-conceived app. In […]
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a kid using FaceTime to talk with this dad

FaceTime: A Video Calling App Exclusively for Apple

Apple is famous for making reliable devices that could last for more than 5 years. I, for one, still have my iPod Touch which I bought twelve years ago. And although Apple no longer releases software support to their old devices, they still work. Their products’ robustness and reliability are probably the result of using […]
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