What is Microsoft SharePoint? Plus, an Ingenious Way to Use It.

It is hard to establish an efficient communication if you are working within a large organization. Much more difficult is trying to work together over a single file or document with all your team members.

Well, Microsoft may have solved all the challenges of collaboration – effective communication, real-time updates, and working together in real time. This is what Microsoft SharePoint brings to the table.

You’ll be shocked that some organizations are not taking advantage of all the powerful features packed inside SharePoint. Some only use SharePoint to sync with File Explorer within a Local Area Network (LAN).

But how about now where people are working remotely? Do you send hundreds of duplicates of your files to your teammates via email? If that is how your organization collaborates, this could be the time to once and for all: 1) improve your organization’s productivity, 2) speed-up news and communication, and 3) learn a new way to make your collaboration easier and more effective.

SharePoint is a powerful tool to make all this possible. In this article, we will give you an insight on ways to use SharePoint, and we will teach you how to use SharePoint with your team in an INGENIOUS WAY.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is part of Microsoft 365 Suite. It is a cloud-based service for businesses, educational institutions, or any group working together on a single project. It is primarily a collaboration tool.

Main uses:

Create Team Site

Mainly used for project collaboration. Team Site is dedicated for teams or departments working together on a single project. The site can be used to store files using a Document Library. Every file stored in the library will be accessible to all the member added to the team.

For example, in a company, there are sales team, marketing team, IT team, etc. Individually, these teams can create a Team Site within SharePoint concerning their respective tasks. The marketing team can create its own site so all members can communicate and collaborate with each other. This goes the same for all other departments of the company.

If used in an educational institution, each class group can create a Team Site so the professors can relay the lessons or activities to the class; and the class can submit their works to the professor.

Create a Communication Site

If a Team Site is for collaboration, a Communication Site is used to communicate or relay messages to team members or to a larger audience.

In relation to the example given above, a Team Site is more specific when it comes to its members. While a Communication Site can also be specific, but it can also include all other teams (and all its members) in the company to relay news or information. It can be used to inform everyone in the company.

In the same way, an educational institution may include its students (regardless of class) in its communication site.

Document Library

Document Library can be used as a storage of files that can be accessed by all team members. These files do not need to be downloaded by members as they are all visible in a document folder and can be opened via browser. All members can collaborate over the same file at the same time on the internet using the SharePoint platform.

SharePoint Integration With Microsoft Teams (Teams)

When a SharePoint Site is created, a Teams group can also be created for the site. With SharePoint’s integration to Teams, communication with team members becomes easier. Each Team Site will have its respective chat group to keep every member updated with the latest events.

An Ingenious Way to Use SharePoint and Microsoft Team at the Same Time.

“How can I use SharePoint and Microsoft Team to improve the collaborative experience of our team?”

It’s simple. By using SharePoint and Teams together at the same time!

Let’s say your team needs to reconcile some data on a spreadsheet or make an adjustment to a business presentation.

Instead of chatting through Teams, members can simply meet (via Teams) to discuss adjustments in a particular file. This can be done by opening the file in SharePoint and doing your discussions in Teams. All at the same time.

Another way is for the team leader to simply click “Share” to share the screen to all members. Then, open the file from the SharePoint document library, and allow team members to make adjustments. In this way, everyone can witness changes in real time. That easy.

Bonus: Other Creative Uses of a SharePoint Site.

  • Integrate with Outlook for easy email management.
  • Use as an online storage of personal and organizational files for easy access anytime and anywhere.
  • Notebook feature (integrated with OneNote).
  • Create site pages within a SharePoint site.
  • Create lists using different templates such as Issue tracker, Employee onboarding, Event Itinerary, Asset Manager, Recruitment tracker, Travel requests, Work progress tracker, and Content scheduler to track every activity of the team and its members.
  • Publish news for the team, as well as post links of news from other websites.
  • Create a plan and assign a task to each team member, set a due date, and track progress.
  • Integrate built-in apps to the team site.
  • And many other features.

Final Words

There are numerous benefits of SharePoint especially if users know how to maximize its features. It is a time-tested tool that can be used in your business, either large or small, to simplify daily tasks. SharePoint makes the flow of information within an organization easier, faster, and more secure.

Using SharePoint, along with the other apps in the Microsoft 365 suite, is the best way to do collaborative work. Especially now that working from home is the new norm.

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